At the appointment number 16 in 2016 big news to continue the series of successes

From Friday 14th to Sunday 16th October, in Carrara, exhibitions, gatherings, competitions, shows and trips from the beach to the marble quarries, with the opening night on Saturday, the 1st edition of Bike Italy Expo, the agreement with Motorshow and the FIF Village promoted by Federazione Italiana Fuoristrada (Italian Federation of Off-roads Vehicles) The sixteenth edition (16 is a biquadratic number, that is to say, the square of a perfect square, and therefore suggests favourable auspices, also being the result of 4X4) places 4X4Fest – with good reason – in the first place among the exhibitions dedicated to SUVs, off-road vehicles, from two-and four-wheeled vehicles to all-wheel drive, the show being considered as the reference appointment for the sector. An achievement at all levels, consolidated year after year thanks to an original format which offers a captivating combination of technology and entertainment next to the largest European showcase of accessories, cars, quad, motorcycles, special preparations, devices for the disabled and, starting from this year, of bicycle also: an offer addressed to all enthusiasts of the sector, whom will have the chance to give themselves a challenge and, at the same time, to deepen their knowledge of the Apuan territory around Carrara. Among the new proposals for the sixteenth edition (that will take place from Friday 14th to Sunday 16th October 2016), the extraordinary opening of the Show Event, on Saturday night, in the outdoor Test Drive Area that will offer entertainment and show, test drives aimed at making the 4X4 experience an unforgettable one, as well as the enlargement of the offer with the addition of the bicycle industry. This edition of the Bike Italy Expo will develop in two areas: on the one hand, the Expo Area, the trade show of cycling staged across the 11.000 square metres of Pavilion E, will host the most famous brands of the bicycle industry and of all related accessories and clothing equipment; on the other, the outer area of CarraraFiere will open to the public the Road Test (traditional area of bike-tests on asphalted road where to test the products made available by the exhibiting brands) and the Mountain Test, with spectacular performances on the dunes of the runway extended over 20.000 sq.m . The Beach Area Test, staged directly on the beach opposite the Exhibition Centre, will offer visitors the thrill of “real tests” reserved to Triathlon fans, and finally, the Extra Bike Area Tour Sea-Quarries will offer unforgettable guided tours to the magnificent marble quarries that extend along the Apuan Alps: the perfect chance to ride in one of the most beautiful trails of the Italian peninsula (for info: Upcoming attractions will also involve the participation of prestigious brands of car manufacturers, which will join the many established car, quads and motorcycles brands already confirmed, which are historical partners of the trade show. During the exhibition, all enthusiasts of the field will have the chance to test the vehicles made available by the exhibiting brands, supported by experienced drivers and by the professional instructors of Italian Federation of Off-road Vehicles (Federazione Italiana Fuoristrada – FIF). Test drives will take place on specific tracks set up in the large areas of the Exhibition Centre or at the opposite beach, also designated to host spectacular races. Amid the special features of 4x4Fest, there will be gatherings with excursions that will bring participants with their vehicles on the paths of the Apuan Alps, in the woods and along routes selected right for the occasion inside some spectacular local marble quarries, always with the support of the highly professional technical staff of FIF. Picturesque and unique scenarios, usually off-limits all over the year, will be open to the public of 4X4Fest, that will have an embarrassing wealth of options in a relentless succession of entertainment, activities and shows. Among the highlights, on Saturday 15th October will take place the “Conference on disability” promoted by Consulta di Carrara (Council Board of Carrara) at the presence of a national host who made of his disability an example of strength and courage. In the weekend, the 21st Beach Fun of Solidarity will be organised by Sarzana Fuoristrada Club (Off Road Sarzana Club), chaired by Claudio Bartoletti and sponsored by UISP. The initiative will give to charity the funds resulting from participants’ registrations. On Sunday, 16th October, the fifth national meeting by UISP “Lunae Trail 4×4 from Valdimagra the Lunigiana” will take place in the fascinating landscape of Lunigiana, alongside other gatherings whose timing is still being defined. The importance of knowing the local and national territory and its excellence is confirmed by another important event of the 16th edition of 4×4 Fest sponsored by Federazione Italiana Fuoristrada: the FIF Village, a space dedicated to the Club that will host regional delegations with the aim of promoting the whole area. 12 Italian regions have already joined and many more are in the running to participate in the exhibition programmes of each delegation and in the promotion of the products of their own land, in an atmosphere of festive welcome livened up by tastings of local specialities. According to the recently announced partnership between Bologna Motor Show and CarraraFiere, the latter, next December, will organise in Bologna an off-road path where the public will have the opportunity to test the 4×4 vehicles provided by the different brands: an area dedicated to strong emotions with a track on which moments of entertainment will alternate with moments dedicated to test drives, conceived to allow the traditional Motor Show audience to approach the off-road world: a double date, then, for four-wheel drive enthusiasts, with two big appointments in a very close stretch of time. “4x4 Fest is for CarraraFiere one of the top events – says General Manager Luca Figari, who continues – to which we dedicate months of hard work, dedication and professional know-how. Motivated by such a genuine commitment, this year we have prepared an Extra Large programme that, on the one hand, will allow our “loyal” visitors to test their passion thanks to a single path and to a territory that, for three days, will be completely at the disposal of all-wheel drive and off-road vehicles. On the other hand, the new format aims to attract new “transversal” visitors, such as users of off-road cars and bicycles. Those who love strong emotions cannot miss this exhibition, unique in the national scene. From this year, thanks to the agreement with BolognaFiere, passion will also become Extra Large and will be duplicated at the Motor Show in December. ” 4x4Fest is organised by CarraraFiere in collaboration and with the technical support of F.I.F. (Federazione Italiana Fuoristrada – Italian Federation Off-roads Vehicles) and with the participation of Uisp (Unione Italiana Sport Per tutti) and ACSI (Associazione Centri Sportivi Italiani); for its promotional purposes, the event is sponsored by the Municipality of Carrara. Useful info: 4X4Fest will be open from Friday 14th to Sunday 16th October from 10.00 to 19.00; Show Event on Saturday evening after the trade fair closure. Daily entrance: € 10,00 full price; € 7.00 reduced. Reduced ticket for FIF members €6,00; free entrance for children up to 12 years and for disable people; reductions for subscribers of FIF, UISP and ACSI with updated card. Subscriptions: € 15,00 for 2 days; € 20,00 for 3 days. Entrances: entrance n°3, Viale Colombo; entrance n°5, Via Maestri del Marmo; info; Désirée Baldini Press Office 4X4FEST Ph. +39 335 6404897 E-mail:

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